Though not often highlighted, the importance of lighting fixtures in the commercial environment is a huge selling point for any business. Lighting is designed to create ambiance, attract customers to your business, and provide safety features that keep them coming back for more. 

All Reach Lighting is the number one lighting service provider in Denver. With over 40 years of combined experience and 20 years in the business of installing commercial light fixtures for the Denver community, we are the undisputable, trustworthy electrical service provider your business needs. 


Our Commercial Lighting Services

Any professional lighting electrician will emphasize the need for service diversity, especially when discussing commercial lighting products. All Reach Lighting offers a unique lighting fixture installation service for every business. We consider your design expectations before moving forward with any installation. From malls to small business centers to parking lots, retail centers, diners, and restaurants, All Reach Lighting will optimize your lighting design ideas to fit your space and budget. 

We offer:

LED Retrofit

Retrofitting is the installation of new LED lighting technology onto older, existing equipment. In this day and age, eco-friendly lighting products are all the rage. There is no better ecologically sensitive and cost-saving alternative than upgrading to LED lighting. If you want to diminish your utility costs, our LED Retrofitting service is precisely what you’re looking for.


Electrical Repair

All Reach Lighting provides responsive and quick maintenance services for all your electrical systems, from small fixtures to more extensive repairs on major systems. We provide on-site assistance for commercial electrical installation, construction, and emergency power repair.


Making a good first impression can make or break your business, and electrical sign installations can be tricky, but All Reach Lighting will take care of all the heavy lifting. We offer sign installation services for every kind of business, size, and complexity.


Parking Lot

Guaranteeing the safety of your customers is one of the pillars of running a good business, and lighting up your parking lot is crucial to achieving it. All Reach Lighting will provide all the lighting fixtures you need to brighten up your business parking space.

Why Choose Us?

All Reach Lighting has eight full-time electricians and lighting technicians on call to provide the most well-rounded customer assistance in the Denver area. We provide affordable and effective electrical services to businesses of all sizes. We will fit our prices to your budget, needs, and design complexities. All Reach Lighting’s experts are trained to deliver the most upstanding technical services in Colorado.

Looking for a Commercial Electrician in Denver?

Call (303) 222-1987 today and request a free estimate, or fill out our contact form. Don’t shop around for second-rate commercial electricians. All Reach Lighting is the right solution for your business.

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